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Alfen Icu Eve Single 22Kw Cable Version

Are you considering investing in an EV charger for your home or business in the UK?

Look no further than the Alfen EV Chargers, specifically the Alfen ICU Eve Single 22kW cable version.

Introduction to Alfen EV Chargers

Alfen EV Chargers are cutting-edge charging solutions that cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles across the UK.

These advanced chargers incorporate state-of-the-art technology to ensure fast, efficient, and reliable charging for EV owners.

Alfen’s commitment to sustainable mobility is evident in their focus on energy-efficient solutions that contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions.

As the EV market continues to expand, Alfen’s innovative features and user-friendly interfaces play a crucial role in promoting widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Overview of Alfen ICU Eve Single 22kW Cable Version

The Alfen ICU Eve Single 22kW Cable Version is a state-of-the-art EV charger with advanced features such as RFID technology, MID-meter precision, GPRS connectivity, and a vibrant full-colour display.

Designed for seamless integration into residential and commercial settings, this charger is engineered to deliver ultra-fast charging speeds, making it an ideal choice for electric vehicle owners looking for efficiency and convenience.

The 22kW charging capacity ensures quick recharging times, while the intuitive user interface allows for hassle-free operation.

Its compatibility with smart metering systems enables monitoring and control of energy consumption, promoting cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Benefits of Alfen EV Chargers

Alfen EV Chargers offer a wealth of benefits including intelligent functionality, flexible installation options (wall-mounted or pole-mounted), seamless integration with energy meters, Plug & Charge convenience, European A-grade standards, and compatibility with charging networks.

Alfen EV Chargers are distinguished for their user-friendly interface, enabling EV owners to easily monitor and control charging sessions.

The integrated load management system ensures effective power distribution, optimising charging times and reducing energy expenses.

Alfen chargers undergo thorough quality assurance tests to ensure longevity and safety.

With open communication protocols, these chargers can seamlessly link to various charging networks, delivering EV users a dependable and trouble-free charging experience.

Whether at home, in public areas, or at workplaces, Alfen EV Chargers offer unparalleled convenience and reliability for all kinds of EV owners and operators.

Alfen Eve Single Pro-line Features

The Alfen Eve Single Pro-line stands out for its cutting-edge smart technologies, compatibility with smart meters, durable polycarbonate case, unique SKU identification, and compliance with ESTG regulations.

The Alfen Eve Single Pro-line is equipped with advanced communication protocols that ensure seamless integration with various smart meters, allowing for efficient data transfer and monitoring.

Its robust construction using high-quality polycarbonate material provides durability and protection against harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Along with its physical strength, the Alfen Eve Single Pro-line boasts advanced identification capabilities through its unique SKU system, enabling accurate tracking and management of multiple units.

The product is designed to meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring reliable performance and compliance across different markets.

Advanced Smart Functionality

The advanced smart functionality of Alfen chargers includes features like RFID authorisation, SIM-lock free operation, MID certification for accuracy, and seamless integration with charging networks.

RFID-based user authentication in Alfen EV chargers enables users to securely access the charging station by simply tapping an RFID card or key fob, providing a convenient and efficient user experience.

The SIM-lock free operation ensures that users can easily switch between different mobile operators without any restrictions, allowing for a hassle-free charging process.

The MID certification guarantees that Alfen chargers deliver precise measurements of energy consumption, ensuring accurate billing and monitoring.

This certification reflects the commitment to quality and compliance with European standards.

Compact Design for Home and Business Use

Alfen EV Chargers feature a compact design suitable for both home and business settings, with options for wall-mounted installation, varying charging capacities, and dynamic load balancing capabilities.

These chargers are adept at seamlessly blending into various environments, whether it’s a cosy residential garage or a bustling workplace car park.

The wall-mounted installation feature not only saves valuable floor space but also provides a neat and organised charging solution.

Alfen chargers cater to a range of charging needs, offering customisable capacities depending on the user’s requirements.

The dynamic load balancing functionality ensures optimal power distribution, making them efficient and reliable across different load scenarios.

Versatile Screen

The versatile screen of Alfen chargers boasts a full-colour display with a logo upload facility, offering a customisable and user-friendly interface for EV owners.

With this innovative feature, users can easily personalise their charging experience by uploading their own logos, promoting their brand, or simply adding a touch of personal flair to the charging station.

The interactive display not only enhances visibility, making it easier to navigate through menu options and charging status, but also provides a platform for businesses to strengthen their presence and leave a lasting impression on customers.

RFID Technology

Alfen EV Chargers incorporate RFID technology with RFID readers, enabling Plug & Charge functionality and ensuring European A-quality standards for secure and efficient charging experiences.

RFID technology integrated into Alfen chargers plays a crucial role in streamlining the user experience by allowing seamless authentication processes.

With RFID readers, users can simply tap their RFID-enabled cards or key fobs on the charger to initiate the charging session, eliminating the need for manual input or identification codes.

This enhanced convenience not only saves time but also adds a layer of security to the charging process.

The Plug & Charge feature, powered by RFID technology, simplifies the interaction between the EV and the charger, making it easier for users to start and stop charging without any additional steps.

Alfen Smart Charging Network (SCN)

The Alfen Smart Charging Network (SCN) encompasses a range of smart technologies, seamless integration with charging networks, diverse accessories, and reliable warranty offerings.

Through its cutting-edge technologies, the SCN provides users with enhanced efficiency and control over their charging experience. Its compatibility with various charging networks makes it a versatile solution for electric vehicle owners.

Customers can enhance their charging stations with a plethora of accessories like cable management systems, user authentication mechanisms, and digital payment options, tailoring their setup to meet individual needs.

The extensive warranty provisions not only ensure peace of mind but also showcase the manufacturer’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Charging Efficiency

Alfen’s smart technologies enhance charging efficiency through dynamic load balancing mechanisms and seamless communication with electric vehicles, optimising the charging process for improved performance.

With Alfen’s innovative approach to energy distribution, their smart technologies play a crucial role in preventing grid overloads by efficiently managing the power flow during charging sessions.

The incorporation of effective communication protocols ensures that EVs receive the right amount of power at the right time, leading to faster and more reliable charging speeds.

These advancements contribute to a seamless user experience, offering convenience and reliability in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape.

Support for Alfen’s Smart Charging Network

Alfen chargers offer seamless support for the Smart Charging Network, with smart features, standardised EAN codes, and compatibility with various EV socket types for enhanced connectivity.

The smart functionalities of Alfen chargers ensure efficient management of charging stations within the network, optimising energy usage and preventing overload scenarios.

The standardised EAN codes simplify the identification process, saving time and streamlining inventory management for operators.

The diverse compatibility with different EV socket types makes Alfen chargers versatile and adaptable to varying electric vehicle models, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

This level of support contributes significantly to the establishment of a cohesive charging infrastructure, promoting widespread adoption of electric vehicles for a sustainable future.

Specifications of Alfen Eve Single Pro-line

The specifications of the Alfen Eve Single Pro-line encompass various aspects including cable options, charge power, ampere capacity, degree of protection, suitability for outdoor mounting, dimensions (height, width, depth), and weight for optimal installation and performance.

Starting with cable options, the Alfen Eve Single Pro-line offers a range of choices catering to different user requirements, from standard lengths to custom options for specific installations.

Regarding charge power, this model is known for its high capacities, providing efficient and rapid charging for electric vehicles.

The ampere capacity of the Alfen Eve Single Pro-line is noteworthy, allowing for fast charging without compromising safety.

With a high degree of protection against environmental factors, users can confidently install this charger outdoors, ensuring its durability and longevity.

In terms of dimensions, the Alfen Eve Single Pro-line is designed with considerations for space efficiency, offering a compact form factor that can be easily integrated into diverse settings.

The weight of the charger is also optimised to facilitate effortless installation and handling when required.

Additional Accessories

Alfen offers a range of additional accessories including charging cables, EV-specific accessories, and products compatible with different numbers of phases for versatile and customised charging solutions.

Regarding charging cables, Alfen provides a variety of options to suit different needs.

  • They offer Type 1 and Type 2 cables, ensuring compatibility with most electric vehicles on the market.
  • Alfen’s EV-specific accessories include cable holders, RFID tags, and connectors for seamless and efficient charging experiences.
  • For those requiring specific phase configurations, Alfen’s products cater to single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase charging setups, accommodating diverse charging requirements with precision.

These accessories are designed to work harmoniously with Alfen chargers, elevating the overall charging process and making it more convenient and user-friendly for EV owners.

Kabel 3-phase T2 5M

The Kabel 3-phase T2 5M accessory from Alfen complements EV chargers, offering reliable communication capabilities and a protective shutter mechanism for safe and efficient charging.

By incorporating advanced communication features, this accessory acts as a bridge between electric vehicles and charging stations, ensuring seamless and secure data transfer.

The protective shutter adds an additional layer of safety during charging operations, safeguarding both the user and the equipment from potential risks.

These innovative functionalities collectively enhance the user experience by simplifying the charging process and increasing overall charging reliability.

Kabel 3-phase T2 8M

The Kabel 3-fase T2 8M accessory by Alfen offers extended charging cable length, improved communication features, and compliance with Eichrecht standards for efficient and reliable EV charging.

With a longer 8-metre cable, this accessory provides users with more flexibility and reach when connecting their electric vehicles to charging stations.

The enhanced communication capabilities allow for smoother interaction between the vehicle and the charging point, ensuring a seamless charging process.

By adhering to Eichrecht standards, the Kabel 3-fase T2 8M accessory guarantees high-quality performance and safety during charging, giving users peace of mind.

Load Balancing Active (LBA- P1 Port)

The Load Balancing Active accessory, featuring LBA- P1 Port functionality from Alfen, enables dynamic load balancing operations and efficient energy distribution via a single feeder connection for optimised charging performance.

This innovative accessory acts as a crucial component in modern energy management systems, ensuring that power distribution is optimised and evenly spread across multiple charging points.

By automatically adjusting the power allocation based on real-time demand, the LBA- P1 Port functionality eliminates the risk of overloading specific circuits and maximises the utilisation of available resources.

Through its intelligent load balancing capabilities, this accessory not only enhances the charging efficiency of electric vehicle infrastructures but also minimises operational costs by reducing the strain on electrical infrastructure and preventing costly upgrades.

Other Alfen EV Charging Stations

Along with the Eve Single Pro-line, Alfen offers other EV charging stations such as the Eve Double Pro-line and Twin 4XL 3x25A, designed to cater to the charging needs of electric vehicles from leading A-brands like Charge Amps and Wallbox.

These models complement Alfen’s range of EV charging solutions, each with unique features to meet different charging requirements.

The Eve Double Pro-line boasts dual connectors for simultaneous charging while the Twin 4XL 3x25A stands out with its compatibility with A-brand electric vehicles.

By offering a diverse portfolio, Alfen effectively supports the development of EV charging infrastructure by providing tailored solutions for various scenarios and user preferences.

The integration of stations for top A-brand vehicles reinforces Alfen’s commitment to quality, compatibility, and innovation in the electric vehicle charging sector.

Alfen Eve Double Pro-line 3PH

The Alfen Eve Double Pro-line 3PH variant is designed to accommodate electric vehicles efficiently, ensuring seamless integration with charging networks and offering a tethered version for user convenience.

The Alfen Eve Double Pro-line 3PH model stands out for its advanced compatibility with electric vehicles, making it a top choice for EV owners.

Its seamless integration with charging networks ensures a hassle-free charging experience, whether at home or in commercial settings.

The provision of a tethered version further enhances user convenience, allowing for easy plug-and-play functionality without the need for additional cables.

Alfen Twin 4XL 3x25A

The Alfen Twin 4XL 3x25A charging station is a robust solution offering 3-phase compatibility, 11kW charge power capacity, Mode 3 charging standards, and IP55 protection against environmental elements.


In conclusion, Alfen EV Chargers represent a cornerstone of innovation and reliability in the realm of electric vehicle charging solutions, offering smart technologies, robust features, and a commitment to sustainable mobility.

These pioneering chargers play a vital role in transforming the electric vehicle landscape, catering to the diverse needs of users and promoting environmental stewardship. Alfen EV Chargers stand out for their cutting-edge design, incorporating advanced features that enhance user experience and efficiency.

With a focus on sustainability, these chargers align with the global shift towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

By providing reliable and efficient charging options, Alfen EV Chargers support the transition to cleaner modes of mobility, contributing significantly to reducing carbon footprints and promoting a greener future for all.

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