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Modern Slavery Statement

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At EV Charger Installation, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner. We are staunchly opposed to modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our commitment to preventing and addressing such issues within our operations and supply chain.

Our Business and Supply Chain:

EV Charger Installation operates primarily in the UK, and our supply chain may extend to various parts of the world. We work with a diverse network of suppliers, contractors, and partners to deliver our products and services.

Our Commitment:

  1. Anti-Slavery Policy: We have established an Anti-Slavery Policy that sets clear expectations for all employees, contractors, and partners. This policy prohibits any form of slavery, forced labor, or human trafficking within our organization and supply chain.
  2. Due Diligence: We conduct due diligence on suppliers and partners to identify and assess potential risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking. We seek to work with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical practices.
  3. Employee Training: We provide training to our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking issues. Our employees are encouraged to report any concerns or suspicions they may have.
  4. Reporting Mechanisms: We maintain reporting mechanisms that allow employees, contractors, and partners to confidentially report any suspected cases of modern slavery or human trafficking within our organization or supply chain.
  5. Supplier Engagement: We engage with our suppliers and partners to encourage compliance with our Anti-Slavery Policy and ethical standards. We expect our partners to uphold similar principles in their operations.

Risk Assessment and Management:

We recognize that modern slavery risks can exist in various industries and regions. To mitigate these risks:

  • We conduct periodic risk assessments of our supply chain.
  • We review our supplier contracts to include anti-slavery clauses.
  • We engage with suppliers to address any identified risks and work together to find solutions.

Continuous Improvement:

We are committed to continuously improving our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.
  • Providing ongoing training and awareness programs.
  • Collaborating with industry organizations and stakeholders to share best practices.

This Statement is Made Pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015:

This statement has been approved by the EV Charger Installation Board and is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It represents our commitment to ethical practices and our determination to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our business.

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If you have any questions or concerns related to our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking, please contact us:

Thank you for your support as we work together to promote ethical practices and uphold human rights. We are dedicated to creating a responsible and sustainable future for all.

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